Tuesday, December 16, 2008

a much needed weekend :)

This past weekend was so much fun! My amazing friend Chelsie braved the drive across the mountains and came to visit me! It was so nice not to worry about class and just relax! And that's just what we did :)

Chelsie got here on Thursday and we were able to chill out before we had to head off to cheerleading practice. I just started coaching kindergartner cheerleaders with Upwards so Chelsie was able to be a part of that. After that we rented one of my favorite movies, Narnia and watched it with my family! The rest of the weekend we spent eating great food, shopping for Christmas presents/presents for ourselves, and lots of crafts!! We ate at the Apple Barn and it was GREAT like always :) I recommend everyone eat there sometime in your life because its really amazing! We also visited Gatlinburg and shopped around Pigeon Forge. Even though it was freezing we had a lot of fun! We also made lots of Christmas treats and crafts that we picked up from Joanne Fabrics. We made some really cute stuff!

It was a wonderful treat to the end of a very stressful semester! I'm so happy that I have such amazing friends :) and I'm very proud of Chelsie for making such a long mountainous drive because it is a hard one to make! You rock!


ash said...

you look so good kaitlyn!!!! im glad yall had a good/relaxing weekend!

Chelsie Brandhorst said...

It was a very much needed weekend indeed! Thanks for welcoming me into your home and showing me around the wonderful TN! I had a blast. Love you girl!!